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  • Does your Content Management System meet your needs?
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  • Should you stay with Drupal or migrate to a different platform?
  • We have more than 14 years experience with Drupal and WordPress.

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Drupal 9 is a powerful Open Source solution that is scalable, high performance, and SEO compatible.

Why should I upgrade now?

Although many organizations are waiting to upgrade their Drupal powered website to save costs, waiting may, in the long run, cost more. Here are some things to consider,

  • Drupal resources, like developers and designers, are scarce and their cost is increasing.
  • Drupal 10 is almost here! If you’re on Drupal 9 now, upgrading to 10 is a snap. If you’re on Drupal 7, you’ll probably have to upgrade to D8 then D9 then D10. That is, we’ve found that most migration tools work best when migrating from 7 to 8. Then once on 8, it’s easier to migrate to 9.
  • Maintaining an older version of Drupal, especially Drupal 7, can be costly. Companies staying with Drupal 7 will misspend an estimated 70% of their website budgets on maintenance and bug fixes instead of evolving and improving their websites.
  • Maintaining Drupal 7 without taking extra security measures puts websites at increased risk from hackers. Other technologies in your digital environment – PHP, libraries, etc. – that run on Drupal 7 will enter the end-of-life phase as well, leaving them vulnerable to attack. These risks increase over time as security vulnerabilities are discovered. This increases your collateral risk of losing sensitive information, such as client account information and transactional data.
  • An outdated website generally suffers from low performance. If your digital experience doesn’t meet the expectations of internal users and visitors alike, there’s a risk of losing clients, customers, and that competitive edge in the market.
  • Search engines like Google prefer updated software and will punish organizations that are using older versions.
  • And there are even more good reasons so Please Call Us.

Why Should Simple Information do my migration?

  • Experience: We’ve been with Drupal for 14 years! We started with Drupal when most folks had never even heard of Drupal!
  • Reputation: We have an unmatched reputation for finishing projects ON TIME and ON BUDGET.
  • GSA listed and currently a government contracted agency.
  • Quality: Our developers and designers are battle tested, we’re not going to learn Drupal on your dime!
  • Let's beat inflation: We have not raised our rates. Contact us now to lock in current rates!
  • Most Important: We are nice :)

We have seven easy steps to help you migrate

  • Get your free consultation. We’ll discuss your current site and your options at length. No Charge!
  • We’ll do a detailed evaluation of your current site and your needs. This includes a summary report and a migration recommendation.
  • We map the legacy data structure with the new data structure in a mapping sheet that maps each data type and its fields with the new structure. We've done this many times; see this case study Theriaults
  • To ensure SEO preservation, we use services to crawl the website and export URLs to help understand current site’s architecture and take care of valuable. Your SEO ranking should actually improve after the migration.
  • We’ll review your current design and either migrate it, as is, to the new platform or improve it.
  • Review with a test site: We do extensive testing including load testing, SEO testing, and security testing in a test environment before we go live. After go live you can use the test site for training, to preview new features, and/or as a backup.
  • Throw the switch, Boom, you’re live. There will be no downtown, and yes, we’ll hold your hand during the go live process!

SI advantage & Capabilities

No Downtime

Your website will be 100% available during the migration. All upgrade/migration and configuration processes are executed in our own test servers. Your server performance and security is never compromised!

SEO Preservation

While migrating, we figure out the SEO rich pages and make sure to take care of the most popular and valuable inbound links. This, in turn, makes sure that the SEO is preserved and the web traffic remains unchanged while having better backend management and improved usability.

Your Content Is Safe

Security is always a top concern for us, and we have many proprietary tools to ensure your site is secure. How? Top Secret!

Painless Migration And Integration

We do the migration and further integration for you from start to finish or until you are happy and satisfied. If you need, we can also help transform your website to a professional theme, fix internal links and 301 redirects.

For over a decade, SI has been a trusted full service digital agency in both the Drupal and WordPress communities.

Is Drupal for me?

  • Drupal 8 and 9 are much more powerful than 7; however, they may not be for everyone.
  • Our goal is to make sure you have the correct CMS, even if it’s not Drupal.
  • We’ll evaluate your needs FOR FREE and make a recommendation. Call TODAY


How do I know if I need to migrate?
If you’re using Drupal 6 or Drupal 7 or 8, you should be thinking about migrating. Drupal 9 is a great platform, but it comes with significantly more overhead than Drupal 7 or 6 so you may want to consider all of your options. What should you do? Please Contact Us for a free consultation.
How difficult it is to migrate to Drupal?
Unless you have an experienced in-house team, you’ll need help migrating. SI has migrated almost every type of platform (ex. .net, cold fusion, and more) to Drupal. We have also migrated several Drupal 7 clients to WordPress. Every case is different so you’ll need our free consultation.
How much does it cost to migrate?
There isn’t a fixed cost; each case is different, but it may be less than you think. The cost completely depends on our discovery of the content, modules and custom implementations on your website.
Why would a Drupal firm be recommending WordPress?
Although the majority of our clients use Drupal, we’re also experts with the WordPress CMS. More importantly, we think it’s critical that clients are using the right tool for their needs. Drupal has changed a lot since we started with Drupal 5 and may not be the correct fit for everyone. To migrate from one to the other, you’ll need a firm that is proficient in both Drupal and WordPress.
Can you provide references or testimonials from some of your previous clients?
Yes, see our Portfolio Page here.

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