SI migrated over 150,000 catalogs and lots from Cold Fusion to Drupal.

World's largest Antique Doll Auction House

When you're the world's largest antique doll auction house, you need a website that can manage an unlimited amount of content and process requests to purchase items like catalogs and subscriptions. Most doll purchasers are not "techies" so the site must also be extremely user friendly and easy to navigate. And in the auction business, time to publish is everything so it must have a platform that lets staff members quickly publish new content and products.

Migrating from obsolete technology

Theriault's old site was based on Cold Fusion, a technology no longer preferred for websites and web applications. Simple Information (SI) migrated over 150,000 catalogs and lots from the cold fusion database to Drupal. Not only was the technology dated, but license fees alone were thousands of dollars a month.

Why Drupal and SI were perfect for the job

SI recommended to replace the legacy system with Drupal. Given Drupal's ability to scale, manage massive amounts of content, administrator interface that allows for multiple administrators, and its flexible eCommerce system from Drupal commerce, it was an obvious choice.

Beauty meets performance

SI worked with Theriault's in-house designers to develop a theme that correctly matches the company's branding. Antique doll fans are often obsessive about detail so Theriault's designers wanted the same attention to detail in their website. SI also used analytics to design a user interface that made it easy for users to find what they need.

A summary of the Solution:

  • Migrate a million records including catalogs and lots from Cold Fusion to Drupal
  • Design and develop a theme that meets Theriault's strict branding and design requirements
  • Train client staff how to create, update, and edit content in Drupal
  • Implement an eCommerce system that is easy to use, reliable, and secure