Business Development

JOB TITLE: Business Development

REV DATE/REV No: 02/18/18



LOCATION: Baltimore, MD

Job Description: (suggest reading the below “About Us” section first)

Lead our agency’s business development and account management teams. Responsible for new client acquisition, client growth and advancement, as well as product and service expansion opportunities.

  • Outbound Sales
    • Generate sales leads and manage a master list of current and possible leads
    • Send out introductory emails to potential customers. And follow up on a daily basis
    • Review RFPs (Request for Proposals) and prepare proposals to those RFPs
    • Create and manage email and social media campaigns
    • Complete a Competitor and Market analysis
  • Inbound Sales
    • Work with other team members to create web articles that attract potential sales
    • Design, measure, and manage conversion objectives
    • Work with Google Analytics and AdWords campaigns
    • Work with core team to improve performance of current marketing automation processes
  • Administrative
    • Help design content for monthly newsletter
    • Help manage Help desk tickets
    • Help maintain company website (content)
  • Technical
    • Learn basic Drupal skills. (We use a custom CRM built in Drupal)
  • Others tasks as requested.

About Us:

  • We’re not your usual firm. We’re a small, but closely-knit web design and development firm headquartered in Baltimore City (Canton area) . We don’t use words like “manager” or “employee.” Rather, we prefer an egalitarian approach, allowing each team member to find solutions in their own, unique way.
  • We live for the Internet and technology. And we believe strongly in the open source community. We look to technology to solve many of society’s problems. Our ultimate goal is to use technology to create a sustainable world and eradicate poverty.

About You:

  • When it comes to sales, you’re a hunter. That is, you network well and know how to find new clients.
  • You are assertive, competitive, take-charge and want to “win.” You can close the deal on the phone, on the golf course, 2am on Sunday morning, or wherever necessary.
  • You have excellent English skills and can write business proposals with a little help from us.
  • You are good with Excel and Word, and other office tools.
  • You love tech, but you’re not the programmer type. (Any experience with programming is a major plus. )
  • You have the ability to learn quickly and solve problems on your own.
  • Excellent communication skills in hearing and speech. Proficient in communicating with individuals in person and by phone.

Other Stuff:

Work hours are extremely flexible. Benefits include free training;most likely on Drupal (the fastest growing content management systems on the internet), competitive wage, and free beers during happy hour (you must be 21 years of age or older for this one).

Perhaps you can tell we’re not your standard 9 to 5 company, and proud of it!

How to Apply:

Apply here by clicking here. (Paste your resume into the message box)