Why Should I Migrate To Drupal 10? (For Those Still Using Drupal 7)

What's so great about Drupal 10?

Drupal is an open-source software which means the user has the rights to study, change, and distribute the source code. And best of all, it's free. Drupal is constantly evolving to be easier to use. Its latest version, Drupal 10, is the most flexible, scalable, and extensible version yet.

Why should you consider Drupal 10 migration?

Compared to Drupal 7, Drupal 10 has more than 200 new built-in features and is available in 100 languages. It's not only easier to use, but globalization has never been easier. New modules like content translation, interface translation, and configuration translation makes content translation and language configuration more user-friendly. Drupal 10 migration allows for easier right-to-left styling and has built-in transliteration support, not to mention better language detection.

Committing to Drupal 10 migration also means better mobile optimization. Drupal 10 comes with mobile testing tools and their new field types for the date, email, telephone, and more make it even easier to create your layout. You can even add fields to comments, contact forms, blocks, nodes, and users making customization easier than ever. You will also have access to a variety of styles for your images.

Drupal 8 has a new Quick Edit mode that allows you to edit any content entity without having to go to the back-end. This means you can view the webpage and quick edit as you go. There's even easier access to views directly from administration screens.

Drupal 8 migration means you'll enjoy quicker loading speeds for your website. Drupal 10 caches entities and doesn't reload previously visited content. It also waits until it's necessary to load JavaScript code. All of these great improvements mean it can keep up with the fast-paced expectations of your users. There are even alternatives to JavaScript-intensive features that make loading your site more mobile-friendly.

Drupal 8 migration means better testing capabilities. Drupal's PHPUnit integration means faster, focused unit testing from your integrated development environment (IDE). BrowserTestBase gives you functional browser testing. And with Drupal 10 migration, you will have access to KernelTestBase for quick, application programming interface (API) testing.

Furthermore, Drupal 10 migration allows you to use a different theme engine than Drupal 7: Twig. Twig is a PHP-based theme engine that is also open source and is regularly updated. There are a short learning curve and a large community. Twig is fast and has a secure-sandbox mode that allows you to evaluate template codes that you don't trust. It's cross-platform and allows you to define your own custom tags and filters as well as create your own DSL.

Drupal 10 migration gives you the ability to use a new text editor: CKEditor, a robust visual HTML editor. CKEditor enables you to use several editing functions that were previously only available on desktop-based software applications.

Posting to social platforms and sending email campaigns is a breeze after Drupal 10 migration. You also get granular control over your resources making it easier than ever to control how they're accessed.

Having configuration management at the file-system level means moving configuration elements from the local development environment to the webserver is easier for the developer. Drupal 10 gives you multiple options for configurations and allows you to customize how and where you store your data.

Committing to Drupal 10 migration also means you can use HTML5 natively, making it easier to build websites for both computers and mobile devices. HTML5 supports audio and video and even provides support for JavaScript to run in the background.

Enjoy increasingly flexible structured content that can be accessed via APIs. The output you content as JSON or XML almost as easily as HTML.

After your Drupal 10 migration, feel free to leave your desktop behind! Drupal 10 allows you to create content on the go with modern devices. Drag-and-drop images, make quick changes and have access to only the tools you need. Its simplicity means efficiency.

Drupal 10 migration gives you more ease in customizing components, allowing you to control data display with a single line of code.

Drupal 10 also comes with support for accessibility standards. Create more usable interactions and make content structures easier to understand for people with disabilities.

After Drupal 10 migration, you'll have more fluidly in deploying production-ready data. If two of your environments have the same universally unique identifiers (UUID), you can update configuration changes from one to the other, making it easier than ever to deploy configurations to your different pages.

Drupal 10 makes it easier to maintain data-integrity between deployments and updates. It supports validation in all your environments, configuration schema, and dependencies.

Coding will also be easier after your Drupal 10 migration. Drupal 10 allows you to save time on coding because it relies less on procedural coding.

And after Drupal 10 migration, you will have access to 10 built-in Symfony components like ClassLoader for autoloading and caching project classes, as well as HttpFoundation and HttpKernel for managing and responding to HTTP requests. Drupal 10 also supports Composer, making dependency management simpler and more effective by installing and updating the libraries you need and their dependencies for you. You can even use other people's libraries more dependably to improve your work.

If Drupal 10 is so easy to use, why should you hire us for your Drupal 10 migration?

All these great advancements mean it's easier to use and it's easier to customize. But the Drupal 10 migration process can still be daunting.

Our friendly staff knows Drupal. We have been using Drupal from the very beginning. That's twelve years of experience! If an unexpected issue arises, we have the know-how to resolve it.

We are a quality-oriented, experienced government contractor. We help beauty meet performance and can even migrate from obsolete technology such as Cold Fusion.

Hiring us for your Drupal 10 migration means you can continue normal business and site updating like usual. We stay on top of your updates to ensure your pages include all of your changes, big and small.

We want you to be your best. We work with you to decide where you want to go and we help you decide how to get there. Our analysis of your situation allows us to treat your site with the individualized help it deserves.

And we have one last important step that makes our Drupal 8 migration even better. We are constantly looking for ways to improve our process. We look back on our work and strive to do better. Not only is Drupal constantly evolving, but we are evolving with it.

We have a long history of satisfied customers and we would like to see you join them!