SimpleInformation's review of ckeditor 5 and how it's different from previous versions.

CKEditor 5 is a JavaScript-based rich text editor that can be integrated into Drupal. To use CKEditor 5 in Drupal, you will need to install the CKEditor 5 for Drupal module, which can be found on the Drupal website. This module allows you to configure and use CKEditor 5 as the default editor for your Drupal site. Once the module is installed and configured, you should be able to use CKEditor 5 to create and edit content within your Drupal site.

How to integrate CKEditor5 in drupal

CKEditor was added to Drupal core in version 8. It replaced the previous default editor, known as "filter", in Drupal core. This means that when you install Drupal 8 or later, CKEditor is included by default and can be used as the editor for creating and editing content on your Drupal site without the need to install any additional modules.

You can configure CKEditor by going to the "Configuration" page in the Drupal administration menu, under "Content authoring" > "Text formats and editors" where you can configure the toolbar, set allowed HTML tags, and set other options. You can also add additional plugins and customize the editor to suit your needs.

Difference between CKEditor4 and CKEditor5

CKEditor 5 is an entirely new development of the editor, built from the ground up using a completely new architecture. It is a more modern, lightweight, and modular version of the editor than CKEditor 4. Some of the key improvements over CKEditor 4 include:

Architecture: CKEditor 4 uses an iframe-based architecture, while CKEditor 5 uses a contenteditable-based architecture. This means that CKEditor 5 works more closely with the web page's DOM and allows for a more seamless integration with the web page.

Editing features: CKEditor 5 offers a more modern set of editing features, such as block-based formatting, real-time collaboration, and a more flexible and customizable UI.

Performance: CKEditor 5 is built on top of modern web technologies, such as React and ES6, which allows it to perform better than CKEditor 4.

Customization: CKEditor 5 provides a more powerful and flexible API, which allows for more customization options and the ability to add custom plugins.

Support: CKEditor 4 is no longer actively developed and will only receive security updates. CKEditor 5, on the other hand, is actively developed and supported.