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Simple Information (SI) employs Drupal 8 for enterprise solutions to get a customized product that performs well, is cost competitive, and open source. Open source means that it can be supported by any one of more than 20,000 Drupal developers and experts around the globe. Furthermore, systems based on open source have shown a significantly greater ROI year to year since there are no license or software purchase costs involved. Contact us to get free information about Open Source Technologies and how they might benefit your organization. 

Drupal for the enterprise?

Yes! The bar has been raised since the release of Drupal 8. It's now possible to design enterprise level applications using Drupal as a base. And, with API services available in Drupal 8, we can integrate your current services into your new solution based on Drupal. 

But what about security?

Isn’t open source dangerous? The open source community is just as concerned about web security as any other community, organization, or individual. However, they have an advantage. That is, because open source is so widely used, security holes are quickly discovered, patched, and shared via the close-knit community. Just ask the White House.  In 2009 the White House officially adopted Drupal as their preferred platform for not only their main webpage, but also for hundreds of applications that help the White House conduct its business (petitions.whitehouse.gov). Since then, other agencies in Washington D.C. (including Congress, The Department of Commerce, etc.) have followed suit. By thumbing their nose at the nay sayers who insisted Open Source wasn’t secure enough, the White House has proven that not only it’s secure enough to be trusted with all of their data, it's a flexible, viable, cost effective platform that can be used to build powerful apps. The private sector is now following their lead. 

Why choose SI for your enterprise system based on open source?

Proprietary systems like Oracle and SAP are pre-packaged off the shelf software solutions that cannot be easily modified to meet clients' needs. Clients are often told “this is how the software works so this is how you must do it.” Our response to this reply is, “If company A is using this software and its competitor, company B is also using the same software, what competitive advantage does company A have over company B?” Enterprise systems based on open source platforms like Drupal mean that company A can modify automated processes to match its coveted know-how and experience. This allows it to maintain an advantage over competitors who may be using an off the shelf, pre-packaged solution. 

This is where SI takes a different approach from the traditional ERP software provider. We know that your application cannot be successful unless we understand your business practices and goals. That is, we focus on giving you a tool that emphasizes your know-how, not forcing a client to change their business to match the software. But wait, there’s more: Exclusivity. While the off-the-shelf, proprietary software vendors will sell to anyone, anywhere, at anytime, SI will not work with any of your direct competitors. 


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