Meet Carol Sholes

Carol Sholes

Carol's strengths are team building, business strategy, process improvement and client relationships.  To give you an idea of her background - this is her "bullet" resume: 

  • 11 years as a small business owner (custom software development) in Syracuse, NY. 
  • 12 years as a CIO including 2001 - 2006 at The Baltimore Sun.
  • 7 years at various technology consulting firms of all sizes in the Baltimore area, typically responsible for the development effort of a custom software solution or a product – with a focus on process, business strategy and tactics and customer relationships.

She was a developer early in her career, but is no longer very technical.  Carol can talk the talk and ask the right questions, but can't actually "do stuff".  

She is retired and looking for opportunities to contribute where she can.  So, if you are interested, she would love to have  a discussion about your business goals and see if she can be of any assistance.

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2901 E Baltimore St, Baltimore, MD 21224