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You may know Simple Information (SI) for their robust, advanced designed websites based on open source technologies. You may not know that SI is much more. At Simple Information we also build robust web applications that can manage all of your documents, pull data and content seamlessly from other systems around the globe, turn content into a revenue generator, and give you information about your customers and potential customers that was unimaginable just a few years ago. We've taken flat client applications like SVN and transformed them into web-based platforms using open source software. The result is a software package that is infinitely scalable and incurs no license or seat fees. To good to be true? Try us!


Document Management

The Simple Information Document Management system (SIDMS) provides a web based platform to manage your files including file versions, file permissions, how files are viewed, and by whom, and more. 

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Membership Management

SI Member Management is ideal for membership based organizations like non-profits who need to maintain a constant connection with their members. Features include a CRM to manage contacts, Mass mailing management, campaign management, and more.   

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E-commerce Management

At SI, we think that ecommerce is much more than selling an item online. To us, ecommerce is an intimate relationship between you and those who desire your goods and services. We've integrated Ecommerce with a CRM, and marketing system.  

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