Why the World Health Organization choose Simple Information

The Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), a division of the World Health Organization choose Simple Information to improve the look, usability, and functionality of their main website. SI worked with PAHO on a design that not only looked aesthetically appealing, but also helped users, mostly medical researchers, find the data and/or research they need. As you'll read below, SI was able to raise the usability of the site significantly by utilizing User Interface design (UX) and advanced modules in Drupal. 

Forums and Increasing Discussion

One of the first items SI addressed was creating more discussion and making it easier for researches to share ideas. To do this SI made a forum where members and contributors could discuss a variety of topics. Since many of SARInet's researchers are based in South America, SI needed to make sure everything on the forum was easily translatable between English and Spanish. With one click of the language option, a user or editor can switch between Spanish and English at ease. A language barrier should be no barrier to the advancement of science.

forum sarinet

Library Overhaul

A significant part of the project was dedicated to creating an actual library of files for SARInet to better track and search files used by researchers and general users. Previously SARInet had been attaching files to individual pages using a WYSIWYG editor. While a decent solution initially, it became difficult to manage the documents as the number of files increased significantly. It was also not possible to find these files in search. SI added a taxonomy based library system where each file is an individual node. SARInet can now upload each file as a separate entity and assign taxonomy (keywords) to the file. This also helps SARInet users search through all documents available to them. Documents are better presented on the website, and the new document management system is scalable; that is, it now manages tens of thousands of documents easily.

library sarinet

100% bi-lingual

PAHO's main pool of users are in Central America, South America, and the United States. Therefore, it was critical that the site be fully functional in both languages. SI used contributed Drupal modules that generate content in both languages. Content creators can easily add content in both languages. A clearly visible dropdown on the landing page allows users to switch between Spanish and English. Other languages can also be added if required in the future. 

A summary of the Solution: 

  • Multi-lingual Forum
  • Document Management (Library) for document files
  • Scalable
  • Utilizes free, off-the-shelf Drupal contributed Modules
  • Built completely on open source technology
  • Effectively Priced 
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