Simple Information builds Room Renting Platform

Nomad Rooms

Nomad Rooms

This globe is your home. Live and work all over the world!

Do you work remote and want to live all over the globe? Do you take care of the properties and believe that you should be rewarded for it? If you’re thinking yes yes right now, we consider you a Nomad. Nomads are folks who generally work remote and like to travel and see the world, staying in major cities all over the world. 

And is the place for these Nomads. is a membership for people who want to live all over the globe, generally from a few weeks to several months. Nomads want a nice room that is as good as the description, and they want to be rewarded for being good stewards of the properties that they use. 

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Do you have properties to rent? 

Do you want a tenant that you can trust to take care of your property? Tired of paying host fees? Do you want tenants that will follow your house rules? If you’re thinking yes to any of these questions, please consider listing with We are not a public listing, we are a private membership. Our members are verified and guaranteed to treat your property with great care. 

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Powered by Simple Information selected Simple Information (SI) to build it's flagship platform that allows its members to book awesome rooms all over the globe. It is one of the most anticipated start-ups of the year!

Although SI is known for its outstanding Drupal based websites, this platform was built from scratch using node.js. "After evaluating the requirements from the client,, we decided on node.js, not Drupal, was the ideal framework for this platform. With node.js we were able to provide all of the requested functionality while utilizing node.js' lightning fast performance to give users a better experience.  

NomadRooms did a soft go-live in February, 2022 with plans for a full go-live later in the year. 


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