Who They Are

The Mid-Atlantic Association of Community Health Centers (MACHC) is a 32-year old non-profit membership organization, whose members consist of community, migrant, and homeless health centers; including local non-profit and community-owned healthcare programs. MACHC and their members are commited to providing healthcare to the disadvantaged and uninsured, their ultimate goal to provide accessible, affordable, cost effective, and quality primary health care to those in need.

MACHC's website was beginning to show signs of aging, and they wanted a fresh new look for both their providers and consumers. The site had significant performance issues and had fallen behind in both Drupal and CiviCRM updates by a few major versions. Furthermore, Machc wanted to make it easy for their members to provide information for accessible healthcare. Finally, they wanted to simplify the process for people seeking treatment, with a simplified menu layout, refreshed health-care locator, and fresh new redesign for their front pages.

How SI has helped

MACHC needed a site re-design and upgrades for their CiviCRM application that had been out of date by several versions and was suffering from performance issues. SI quickly upgraded their CiviCRM to the latest version and added various performance tweaks to help the application run quicker. SI also updated their Drupal version and all of the Drupal modules employed. 

By streamlining the menu's and moving around certain aspects of their front page, SI created a simpler site for both the healthcare providers and those seeking healthcare. With the new ease of navigation, the time to visit their website and find out relevant information was cut down significantly. SI fixed up the health center locator, making it provide a simple to use GUI to find and locate the closest MACHC related health centers. 
Finally, SI moved the site to a dedicated environment optimized for Drupal. SEO analysis now show that users are able to quickly find relevant content. MACHC has asked SI to stay on for site maintenance, SEO analysis, and site updates.  

machc map

A summary of the Solution:

  • Upgrades for CiviCRM
  • Updated Drupal and Drupal modules
  • Redesign of MACHC UX and UI 
  • Updated health center locator


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