Installing Drush 8 On Your Mac

Install/upgrade Drush 8 on Mac in 3 easy steps

Drush 8

  1. Download and unpack Drush in a local folder
    1. /Users/userName/Applications/drush8

      (I like to keep my apps together, so I put my drush directory in Applications/drush8)

    2. get drush from here: github repo

  2. Install Composer
    1. In terminal run these commands:
      curl -sS | php
      sudo mv composer.phar /usr/bin/composer
    2. from the drush directory run
      1. composer install
      2. ** See below if your PHP version is too low and you get PHP related errors
    3. Check by running in terminal >composer (this will list all of composer’s commands)
  3. Tell OSX where to find Drush
    1. Update your bash path
      1. nano ~/.bash_profile

        add this line:

        export PATH=$PATH:/Users/wanflap/Applications/drush8

 ALL DONE, Enjoy!



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