Understanding your patients with Google Analytics

Google Analytics (GA) is a free tool that provides features that let you gain insight into your patient's experience. GA collects data from your website interactions and puts them together into a comprehensive narrative. Analytics are an amazing insight to your patients, and they should be reviewed on a daily basis. Here are some features that hospitals benefit from:

User Flow Reporting

User Flow is a great way to visually see how users and patients are navigating your site. You may be surprised to see how users navigate your site. We've learned that some basic changes to the homepage navigation can make a big difference in navigation patterns. 

Here is a sample for a major health care provider: 

page interactions

From this visualization, we realized that:

  1. Users tend to go to search first. (We optimized the search to help users find information faster)   
  2. Many patients want to use the site to find their doctor or information about their doctor quickly. 
  3. Our programs page is more popular than we thought!
  4. Much much more. Give us a call, we'll be happy to explain!


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Funnel Analysis

Funnels show your site's ability to guide users to a specific area or objective, like a sale. Although it is most commonly used for ecommerce websites, it can still be useful for hospitals that have online gift shops, an affiliated medical supply store, an in-hospital pharmacy, or any specific goal like a contact us form. The funnel is similar to the User Flow Reporting, but provides detailed information about the users path to the objective. A Funnel Analysis allows you to see where a patient drops off in a path and decides not to follow through with a purchase. From this analysis we learned why many patients were getting distracted away from their purchase (and fixed it immediately!)

Funnel Analysis

A Funnel Analysis, combined with other GA features can show the whole picture. Could the patient find the item they wanted? Or perhaps when they saw the final total, they saw a more affordable price elsewhere? If so, where did they purchase it from? 


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Audience Demographics 

Audience Demographics uses your website to provide a snapshot of use by age, gender and general interests. Hospitals can also find out if patients are visiting locally, or driving from a distance to visit. Combined with Intelligence and Anomaly Detection, which tracks overall hospital insights, hospitals can use these features to provide a customized user experience.

Take a look at this graph showing sessions by age range:


GA sessions by age


Here we see that even though seniors (65+) are a significant part of the patient population, they are the least likely to use the website. The age range of 25-34 is much more common for a user of the website. Accordingly, we may want more ads targeting this demographic. We may also want to brain storm to get some ideas regarding more web involement for seniors. Combined with User Flow Reporting mentioned above, we can see the objectives each age group has for visiting your healthcare website.


Google Tag Manager

Analytics is based on page loads. What if you want to know how many people clicked on a certain link? For this we can use another free tool known as Google Tag Manager (GTM). 

SimpleInformation.com  Google Tag Manager Sample

Here is an example where Google Tag Manager was used to measure how many users closed a "contact us" popup without completing it and how many entered text, but didn't submit the form. 

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